Neuroethics Studies Scholar Awarded Fulbright

Alisha Dua (COL'16) will study Biosciences at University College London this fall

Alisha Dua (above) is a senior neurobiology and government double major at Georgetown University.  


Congratulations to Alisha Dua, a former undergraduate scholar of the Neuroethics Studies Program, who has won a Fulbright UK Partnership Award to complete a Masters of Research in Biosciences at University College London (UCL) this Fall.

Alisha is a Neurobiology and Government double major and will be graduating this year from the College of Arts and Sciences. In her neuroethics tutorial with Dr. James Giordano, Alisha’s work focused on the ethical and social implications of neural stimulants; she credits her neuroethics education for introducing her to the often-unconsidered impacts of neuroscience research on society, policy and economics.

“Studying neuroethics has taught me that science does not and cannot exist in its own silo,” she says. “As I continue to work towards a career as a physician-scientist, I will be able to use what I have learned in neuroethics as a lens to understand and be aware of the broader implications of my work.”

In the future, Alisha hopes to complete an MD/PhD in neuroscience and pursue a career researching treatments for neurodegenerative diseases as a practicing physician-scientist.




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