Your Health: A Sacred Matter—Self-Quiz

To gauge your learning after having watched “Your Health, A Sacred Matter,” you may wish to answer the following questions. Your answers will not impact your CME credits, which are solely dependent upon submitting the form provided after this quiz and then completing and submitting the MedStar CME evaluation form that will be sent to you at the Email address you provide.

1. Attendance at religious services has been statistically associated with:

A. Longer life

B. Fewer myocardial infarctions

C. A lower incidence of acute leukemias

D. Both A & B

2. The first Western hospitals were established by:

A. Greek Hippocratic physicians

B. Roman temple priests

C. Christian monks

D. Muslim physicians in conquered Western territories

Expand for the correct answer

3. Prayerful meditation has been proven to:

A. Decrease blood pressure

B. Increase progression free survival in some cancers

C. Decrease suicide rates

D. A and B

A. Decrease blood pressure

4. Which of the following groups do not permit clergy/ religious leaders to act as chaplains?

A. Muslims

B. Jews

C. Native Americans

D. None of the above

D. None of the above

5. Chaplains provide spiritual care for which of the following groups?

A. Chronically ill homebound patients

B.  Pediatric patients

C. Hospital staff

D. A and B

E. All of the above

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