John Collins Harvey Lecture & Pellegrino Seminar

Annual John Collins Harvey Lecture & 7th Annual Pellegrino Symposium: In Celebration of Dr. Edmund D. Pellegrino's 100th Birthday




Past Pellegrino Seminar Topics and Videos

"Patient-Centered Medicine"

"Pellegrino and the Healer's Role": featuring reflections on the medical profession and the role of the healer

"Clinical Ethics in the Tradition of Pellegrino": featuring reflections on current topics in clinical ethics through the lens of Pellegrino's works, such as end-of-life care, genomic medicine, and neuroethics

"Philosophy of Medicine": a fresh look at Pellegrino’s work in the philosophy of medicine, with one eye looking back to his original body of work and another eye looking forward to how his writing might inform contemporary conversations regarding the philosophy of medicine.